Virgin Hair & Remy Hair

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The base of this series is virgin hair. After which we bleach and re-color the hair to unify the color to our color ring. Virgin hair is the most expensive and the best quality of human hair in the market. It is healthy hair cut from yong donors.

This series are made by remy hair.With their cuticles intact, hair strands are completely aligned in the natural direction as it grew.

Hair Extension Type

Superior Quality/Easy To Apply/Time Saving

Classic Tape In Hair Extensions

Invisible Skin Weft Tape In Extensions

Classic Hair Weft

Hand tied Hair Weft

Flat Tip Hair Extensions

Stick Tip Hair Extensions

Nano Tip Hair Extensions

Flat Weft Extensions

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Highview Hair extensions

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Highview is a factory based hair wholesaler. We source our raw hair from closely related suppliers. We don’t buy hair from unknown or unethical sources. We spend 95% of cost on product while only 5% on marketing and make sure all of our products worth what you spend.

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