what is single drawn hair and double drawn hair?

Just like our own hair,single drawn hair is thicker at the root and gradually become thinner at the tip.Single drawn hair extensions contain multiple lengths of hair.

To obtain a double drawn hair bundle,The shorter hair will be took out by hand.Double drawn hair means the thickness of hair strands remains almost the same from root to tip rather than becoming thinner at the ends.

Here below is the photo shows the difference between single drawn hair and double drawn hair.

What is virgin hair,remy hair and non-remy hair?

Virgin hair is completely healthy natural human hair that hasn’t been chemically treated such as permed,dyed,or colored.It is collected by cutting from a donor.And it’s considered to be the finest quality hair.The cuticles are kept intact and facing the same direction.Litarally our natural black virgin hair is real virgin hair.But other colored virgin hair are dyed from natural black virgin hair.

Remy hair is hair with all cuticles intact and almost all cuticles are facing the same direction.Natural black remy hair on our website could be bleached to color level 8#(light blonde,we prefer to call it honey blond).You could safely dyed it to any darker color.

Non-remy hair is hair without cuticles.It feels so sleek,even looks more smooth than remy and virgin hair.But without the protection of cuticles,it is much weaker than remy hair and virgin hair.Unfortunately there are many vendors claim their non-remy hair to be remy hair.And consumers are attracted by the lower prices.

For sure the virgin and remy hair products will last much longer than Non-remy hair products.

What is the cuticle of hair?

To know how to choose a good quality human hair product,you must know some basic knowledge about our hair.

Human hair shaft is consisted of three layers: cuticle, cortex and medulla. Cuticle is the outermost layer of a hair,which looks like layers of overlapped roof tiles .It protects the inside of the hair shaft from damage.All cuticles are facing the same direction when the hair is under heathy condition and has not been chemical treated.